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1. Auditing

Financial auditing is instrumental for the effective operation of modern companies. We believe that auditing is extremely important for achieving business success, which stimulates us to employ the highest standards. A suited and expedient audit contributes to incresing the trustworthiness of financial information through the valuation of assets and liabilities and conducting internal control. The independent financial audit is a combination of indispensable and inter-related procedures, determined by the International Auditing Standards on the basis of which an independent opinion is expressed over the authenticity of the financial statements in all material respects, in keeping with applicable accounting standards, as well as with all other common requisites of financial statements.

We provide:

  • Auditing and authentication of financial statements;
  • Financial due diligence;
  • Special-purpose auditing procedures.

2. Financial accounting services

We provide:

  • Day-to-day booking of all incoming and outgoing primary documents, day-to-day booking at the accounting registers and ledgers;
  • Monthly calculation of the cumulative financial results and tax obligations;
  • Participation in stocktaking and other internal control procedures;
  • All activities related to labor and wage reporting – preparation of labor and other employment contracts, processing of payment lists and payment bills, production of payroll ledgers, accounting for the accumulated taxes due to the National Revenue Agency (, preparation of the relevant social security documents, etc;
  • Producing social security payment documents for executive management and employees;
  • Preparation of all kinds of reporting documents required by the local and the central governments, other institutions or third parties;
  • Preparation of all the applicable documentation required for bank loan applications or other forms of third-party financing;
  • Production of both intermediate and annual financial statements;

3. Business consultancy

We provide business consultancy services in the form of:

  • production of reports about the financial condition of various legal entities;
  • consultancy about the structure and functioning of the respective entity’s administrative departments;
  • consultancy about accounting policy changes (either resulting from regulatory changes or otherwise necessary)
  • participation in valuation teams (valuing companies or other entities)

4. Tax consultancy and tax liability reporting

Our company is qualified and well prepared to deal with a wide range of tax issues. We provide:

  • Tax legislation advisory related to: corporate taxes, value added tax, excise taxes, personal income taxes, local fees and taxes, etc;
  • Tax representation before the respective tax authorities;
  • VAT Law registration, VAT reporting, accounting for VAT to be paid in or received back;
  • Advance annual calculation of and accounting for Corporate Income Tax liabilities;
  • Keeping track of the taxes due according to the Personal income tax law.
  • information about the companies’ & personal compulsory pension & health insurance funds registries in the country.

5. Court experts

The scope of the services that the company offers is further broadened by our active involvement and participation in teams of court experts working with the Companies Department of the Sofia City Court.

6. Organization of trainings and seminars

The company has a vast experience organizing trainings as well as both theoretical and practical courses and seminars in accounting. Some of the topics of our seminars are:

  • Practical aspects of finalizing annual financial reports, examining all applicable novelties arisen during the financial year (the seminars are being held each year);
  • Practical aspects of applying the Corporate Income Tax Law and other applicable tax laws (held each year);
  • Transition from the national to the international financial reporting standards.
  • Accounting for property, plant and equipment according to the IFRS;
  • etc.