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Our clients (in alphabetical order) about us:




“Luca Pacioli OOD supports us in a very dynamic environment for more than 10 years with very high quality in Bulgaria but also with the knowledge what an international group needs. The management is very customer oriented, acts very fast, accurate and the information / support given is always correct. They help us to concentrate on our core business.”
Alexander Klacska, General Manager, Klacska Bulgaria


Paprika Latino

Paprika Latino [MTG]

“Luca Pacioli” are our accountants from the set up of our company in Bulgaria more than 2 years ago. As a company, which operates in Eastern and Central European countries it was really important to work with an accounting company, which is professional and had an experience in different cases, which emerge in the dynamic media business environment. “Luca Pacioli” provides professional approach and always on time response to the daily business queries. We would strongly recommend their services to any foreign and local company, who requires an accounting advice and professional fulfillment of its obligations to the Bulgarian tax authorities. We are also pleased to work with them in relation to audit procedures and reporting requirements that we have to our mother company MTG Studios.
Thank you, “Luca Pacioli” for perfect attitude and the best client service that we could imagine we can be provided with in Bulgaria.
Réka Benyovszky, Executive Producer & Country Representative Manager, Paprika Latino Studios

Sila BG Ltd

“Luca Pacioli’s team quickly recognized the special needs a high-growth business such as ours will have in the future and was able to efficiently apply a highly consistent and canonical approach to our records handling, accounting and administrative workflow. They have been consistently providing expert support in key areas of our business and their approach has been professional, insightful, and practical. Luca Pacioli’s team’s has always been available and responsive, its follow through has been excellent and we have had a highly positive professional relationship. ”
Vasil Radivoev, General Manager & Co-Owner, Sila BG Ltd